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Newmarket Minibus Hire with Driver 

As its name suggests, Newmarket is a town in Suffolk County famously known for hosting market days. Besides traders and consumers meeting to sell and buy, Newmarket is also the capital of the best thoroughbred horses for racing. On top of that, it’s the largest horse training town in Britain; so you can begin to guess how exciting their annual derbies are. 
We as Newmarket Minibus hire want to show you the best of this market town and the attractions within it. We have ideal minibus hire with driver packages that are quite comprehensive and affordable. As our client, you have the freedom to choose whichever couch you want to tour the town in—whether you want a Mercedes 16 seater, a Ford Transit or a few Volvos, the choice is yours. 
Things to Do in Newmarket 
Having secured our minibus hire in Newmarket couch, you are bound to enjoy Newmarket a lot better with friends or family because our minibus drivers are well trained and understand all the routes. They will take you to all the attractions you want to see in seconds. 
The Upper Canada Mall 
A little shopping never hurt anyone so be sure to tell the couch driver to stop by Upper Canada Mall. This is a modern shopping mall with 2-storeys to explore and come out with shopping bags for the whole family. It is relatively large so you don’t have to worry about long queues. 
The Ray Twinner Complex 

Do you fancy a full day of fun ice skating on a huge arena? The Ray Twinner Complex is the best Ice Skating venue in Newmarket. It opens as early as 5am and closes late around 8pm local time. So if you just gobbled down a king size family meal at any of the fine restaurants in town, this is the best place to wind up the day. 
The Pioneer Village at Black Creek 

Just adjacent to the Black Creek tributary that merges with River Humber, is this Pioneer Village recently acclaimed a heritage site. It’s an open air museum that doubles up as a restaurant. A lot of the tourists who have been here can attest to the good food sold at the joint. Whether it’s a sit-in dinner or a take-out, rest assured you will be wowed by the flavours. 
Canada Wonderland 
If your kids love amusement parks, they will love the size of this one. A highlight of the Canada Wonderland is the multiple roller coasters each with their own share of fun. Also within the amusement park is a water park for a good swim or the Dinosaur world where real looking Raptors come alive in broad daylight. There are cafeterias in the Amusement park as well so you and your family can sit down for a bit before joining the fun again. 
Toronto Centre for the Arts 
From breathtaking jazz performances to exhilarating Orchestras, Toronto Centre for the Art is where real talent is appreciated. There are shows happening frequently and this is a good chance to book a front row seat to see the action happen. You will definitely live the venue musically inspired. 
Events in Newmarket 
JPEC Jazz n’ Pizazz, Toronto Centre for the Arts, Toronto (5th March 2016) 
Orchestra Toronto, Toronto Centre for the Arts, Toronto (6th March 2016) 
Toronto Northern Lights, Toronto Centre for the Arts, Toronto (2nd April 2016) 
Bingo World New Market Gaming, New Market (4th March to 12th August 2016) 
Why Choose Us 
We provide minibus hire in Newmarket at competitive prices and with a trained professional driver. We will pick you at the airport, drop you at your hotel and even be your chauffer for the day as you enjoy the attractions. Visit our Newmarket minibus hire website to book your first couch with driver today.