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Newmarket Minibus Hire

Who we are 
We are a reliable, affordable and local Newmarket minibus hire company with experienced drivers in the in the industry. We have operated in the city for many years, making us one of the most reputable companies in the town. Our minibuses are of different capacities, including 8seater, 12seater, 15seater, 24seater, 36seater and 75 Double Decker coaches.  
What we do 
We offer minibus hire in Newmarket for schools, colleges and universities, hospitals hen and stag parties, birthday parties and events such as business events, sporting event, and theme park visits. Besides, you can count on us if you need personalised transport services tailored to your unique needs. 
Why we are better than others 
24-hour service 
We operate 24/7 and all our booking offices are open at any time you may want to book. In fact, our professional customer service attendants are ready to handle your request at any time you inquire. Don’t mind: even if it is late night, we will serve you better at no extra cost.  
• Ease in booking and making payment  
We have invented some modern ways of making an inquiry and payment. No matter where you are, you can book your vehicle online and get it ready when you arrive at the airport. Find us on our active website or call us through our telephone anytime you need our services.  
• Compensation and Full Refund 
We are free to refund full amount of any cancelled journey that had been paid. So don’t worry if your schedule is changed! 
• Extensive services 
We pride ourselves as one of the cheapest providers of minibus hire. Our drivers are ever friendly, professional and time conscious to ensure your journey is safe and comfortable as much as possible.  
• Experience drivers 
Our drivers follow the rules provided by transport authority. They are regularly tested to ensure that they are qualified and experienced to handle our clients with lots of commitment. Our drivers are licensed, registered, insured and bonded as stipulated by the rules and regulations of VOSA. We allow you to travel in style whether it is your first time in the city or a repeat: our drivers have the full knowledge of the city routes. 
• Luxury and comfort 
Comfort is very important when you are travelling, we have put in place many comfort items in our vehicles that will ensure you travel in luxurious manner. The comfort items include: music system, TV, air conditioners, hot and cold drinks and high quality fitted Seat belt to enhance safety while you are inside the our Newmarket minibus hire. 
Events in the Newmarket Town in 2016 and 2017 
New Year Eve Celebration 2017 is on its way with many people waiting in Boston to mark the call of the New Year. The Royale Ball Room Centre and Indian DJs will make the event a memorable one. 
The Horse race is an interesting event that will take place in November 2016 that is worth to visit. In February 2016 to march 2016 you can visit the place to watch the best French cinema. 
Live comedy night is coming up in March 2016; the comedy will be one of the best in the country. You get an opportunity to interact with Jesse Griffin, a man who had won many awards in the comedy line.  
Things to do and see with our minibus in Newmarket 
Newmarket is a market town in the county of Suffolk about 65 miles in the North London. The attractions in the town include many retail shops, independent family running businesses, dealing with many food stuffs, kitchen cabinet, clothes and anything you may wish to buy. There are luxury hotels that can accommodate your holy day. 
The town is known as the home of horse racing; you can attend the venue and watch the competitions that will surprise you. If you visit the place earlier you can tour some of the most interesting horse locations, including the horse walk, horse traffic light and horse training ground that extend into the town. There is a National Horse-racing Museum that you can visit to know the history about the horses. 
Shepreth Wildlife Park has many animals that you can take your family to have fun. You can have a chance to view tiger, reptiles and even crawling animals and other wild animals you have never seen. 
If you need a personalised minibus hire in Newmarket town, please contact us today!